silent retreat

And coming off a day-long silent retreat. And our facilitator speaking only in gerunds. And wondering why for so many years of my life gerunds are seeming to be something important to be knowing about, and discovering that no one is knowing what they are being and beginning to be wondering if I am even using the correct part of speeching. And feeling sad about that. And promising myself to be looking up gerunds sometime soon, but staying in the present moment.

And being unable to resist looking up gerund, and finding, and chagrinning, that the correct term is being present participle, and that grammarians are sometimes even eschewing the term gerund because no one is abling to telling these things apart.

And being the mountain. And doing a lot of that yesterday. Being the mountain. And noticing that it is taking me most of the exercise to be choosing a mountain, and kicking myself when I finally am settling on Mt. Monadnock, naked Mt. Monadnock, and discovering that the exercise is drawing to a close. And quickly being the mountain, just in time. And being Mt. Monadnock, and finding it being good.

And turning our attention back to the breath. And finding that being in silence is not being hard for me. And enjoying my inner conversation as much as I am generally enjoying outer conversations, except for when conversing with you. And deciding to be conversing with you. And typing to you. And turning our attention back to the breath. And going outside now to be being Mt. Monadnock, walking in the sun shining.


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