a sabbatical and a blog walk into a bar

I considered naming this blog OtherwiseIWouldntDoAnything, underscoring that I had better create a blog or else I won’t write. It’s really no more of a mouthful than PrefersOwnCompanyExceptYou, but I scrapped it because it’s less accurate.

Because I do do* stuff. Oh, yes, I do. It’s just that my accomplishments tend toward the miniature and the solo. My goals are things like: mail Ting the CD of the great story that is narrated so badly, because she’d find it excruciating to listen to, too. Or “work” on ukulele chords for awhile. Cook a good supper. Listen to the course I bought on Big History. That last one already feels like homework, tipping precariously toward the meaningful at the sacrifice of my freedom.

My dilemma is how to do something meaningful with this sabbatical — without sacrificing my freedom. Freedom is likely to trump meaning this year, maybe this lifetime. And I agonize over this.

If only there were meaning in chronic guilt.

*don’t get me started!


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